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MidSouth Crawl Space Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Jackson. Learn more about MidSouth Crawl Space Solutions's recent work requests in Jackson and nearby areas!

Learn more about MidSouth Crawlspace Solutions' recent work requests in Jackson, MS
Vicinity of Bellevue Pl in Jackson
Need someone to look at my foundation and structure of the house
Vicinity of Aztec Drive in Jackson
I am fairly sure the crawl space in my conventional foundation house is wet. We have experienced a lot more roach problems recently and there is mold growing on some furniture. We remodeled some parts of the house several years back and that is when the problems starting showing up.
Vicinity of Voorhees Avenue in Jackson
Under the house just like what you have on your add
Vicinity of Eastwood Rd in Jackson
Standing water in crawl space
Vicinity of Old Canton Ln in Jackson
Just need my crawl space cleaned out and the barrier
Vicinity of Ellis Avenue in Jackson
Water does not properly recess and stands underneath house after hard rain. Exploring use of sump pump and other alternatives to irrigate standing water.
Vicinity of Hartfield St. in Jackson
Scrubbed inside of house for moldy smell, thinking it's coming from under crawl space
Vicinity of Paden St in Jackson
I have three floors that are sagging from moisture retention in the crawl space under my home, and mold has formed on the structural beams in those areas. Need estimate to repair.i
Vicinity of Berkley Dr in Jackson
Soft spot in living room floor, white substance on underside of floor in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Houston Avenue in Jackson
We have foundation issues - sagging floors, separation between wall and floor, unlevel floors.
Vicinity of Eastover Dr in Jackson
Some concerns with moisture affecting the hardwood flooring
Vicinity of Devine St. in Jackson
Found mold and moisture buildup in several places throughout my crawl space and need it remediated quickly.
Vicinity of Meadow Heights Dr in Jackson
The vapor barrier under our house needs to be replaced. Water gets under the house when it rains. We are interested in crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Berlin Drive in Jackson
I have 3 joists spanning a medium sized bathroom that have some rot on top (from an old toilet leak - area is dry). The room has already been demoed to the sub flooring. I believe the rot to be confined to a 5x5 area or less. I'm debating sistering these myself but would like a quote.
Vicinity of Manship Street in Jackson
Need vapor barrier to be installed. In process of getting quotes.
Vicinity of Greenwich Street in Jackson
Needs new vent fan, possible liner and column wraps
Vicinity of Eastover Drive in Jackson
Moisture / smell in crawl space
Vicinity of Old Canton Ln in Jackson
We are renovating an we are looking to add insulation.
Vicinity of Sheffield Drive in Jackson
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Monroe St. in Jackson
Mildew and mold issues in the house. Have had someone come out and diagnose the problem and looking for a second opinion/quote.
Vicinity of Fairview Street in Jackson
I have an identifiable point in my crawl space where water enters during heavy rains. I have a pump to address it, but I would prefer that the water never enter to begin with.
Vicinity of Eastover Drive in Jackson
Vicinity of River Oaks Blvd in Jackson
Drywall and insulation repair. Prevent mold and mildew.
Vicinity of Oakleigh Place in Jackson
Our house is on traditional foundation. My wife is having possible allergies. We are installing a new AC and new duct work on Thu 6/22. I thought sealing the crawl space might be a good added things to do.Am interesting in estimate and/or information.
Vicinity of Taylor Street in Jackson
I have a smell in the house and there is a crawl space under the house, through some research I discovered that this is more than likely due to the crawl space.
Vicinity of Cavalier Drive in Jackson
Vicinity of N. Cheryl Dr. in Jackson
We have moisture in our crawlspace. We have a quote from Terminix and are looking for second opinions.
Vicinity of Lyncrest Ave in Jackson
We are about to remodel this old home, built about a hundred years ago. We have been reading about the benefits of encapsulated crawl spaces and wanted to see how much it would cost.
Vicinity of Ridge Drive in Jackson
Water under house.
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Rd. in Jackson
I would like a quote for the following: water removal under house, mold removal under house and a vapor barrier to be installed under there as well.
Vicinity of Dona Ave in Jackson
Crawlspace repair..rodent has gotten into insulation...torn insulant..etc
Vicinity of Heritage Hill Dr in Jackson
I am interested in encapsulating the crawl space under my house to reduce the humidity level in it.
Vicinity of Rebel Drive in Jackson
Insulation quote, crawlspace sealing
Vicinity of Kaywood Dr in Jackson
Crawl space vapor barrier installation for a 1250 square foot home.
Vicinity of Northeast Drive in Jackson
Water in crawlspace.
Vicinity of East Massena Drive in Jackson
We have a mildew smell in our house!
Vicinity of Wisteria Drive in Jackson
Older, conventional house; cold wooden floors and drafts. Had insulation put in attic and notice a significant difference. Want to see if having the floor insulated would make more of a difference.
Vicinity of Ashcot Circle in Jackson
Craw space has large amount of plumbing trash left behind from repairs. Also, vapor barrier missing or damaged in some areas. Interested in possibly encapsulating the crawl space.
Vicinity of Crane Blvd in Jackson
Would like someone to inspect under my home. Sump pump may need to be inspected also some piers need to be examined.
Vicinity of Ashcot Circle in Jackson
Fungal treatment, vapor barrier repair/replace, crawl space debris removal.
Vicinity of Kings Hwy in Jackson
Musty smell in part of the house, believe coming from crawl space. Suspect mold from moisture
Vicinity of Sheffield Court in Jackson
Would like a quote to clean crawl space, put down moisture barrier and replace insulation.
Vicinity of North Cheryl Drive in Jackson
Water in crawl space under Southwest corner of house
Vicinity of Eastbourne Place in Jackson
Moisture, smell, insulation
Vicinity of ASHLEY CIRCLE in Jackson
Insulattion for home
Vicinity of Parkridge Drive in Jackson
The floors against the outside walls are bucking.
Vicinity of Ellis Ave in Jackson
I,want to know why is water getting in to my air cond. duct.which is into my concrete slap.
Vicinity of Melbourne Drive in Jackson
We need to sprayfoam an exterior wall which is 84 SF. Thanks
Vicinity of Wilhurst Street in Jackson
We're experiencing a sewer like smell from our downstairs air duct. Our home is over 60 years old and there are most likely some issues that need to be addressed under there. Thanks for your time.
Vicinity of Bermuda Dr in Jackson
Need a free estimate
Vicinity of Crane Blvd in Jackson
Floors buckling...fungus and moisture problems
Vicinity of Wilson St. in Jackson
House leaking
Vicinity of [email protected] in Jackson
Want to cool my house more efficiently
Vicinity of Redwing Ave in Jackson
I have standing water under my house after a big rain. I would love for someone to come out and give me an estimate. I think the house may need some leveling would that need to be done first or can you do that?
Vicinity of Chippewa Circle in Jackson
Moisture, mold, possible leaks, etc in crawl space of conventional foundation.
Vicinity of Sylwood Place in Jackson
Losing cool air due to poor attic insulation.
Vicinity of Larson in Jackson
Really need somebody to get an estimate tommorow
Vicinity of in Jackson
We would like to schedule a free estimate.
Vicinity of Northeast Drive in Jackson
I need an inspection and recommendations for my crawl space.
Vicinity of Ridgewood Road in Jackson
We live in a 50's ranch over a crawl space. The vents appear to have no flap or way to cover. The hardwood floors are cold and there appears to have a slight odor in parts of the home. We would like some one to check this out for us.
Vicinity of Heritage Manor in Jackson
I need some sound proofing and insulaton.
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