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Testimonial Photo by Gabe M.
I must say every interaction we have had with your company has been a pleasure!  I wasn't thrilled about spending a bunch of money to fix up my crawlspace, however your company was the only people in 12 years that actually knew how to fix my problem.  Everything you said you would do was done just as described all the guys that have come to our house have been very nice and pleaseant to deal with, and your follow up process is as good as I've seen; and I've been in the car business for 22 years so I know something on the subject.  I couldn't recommend your company highly enough to be quite honest for anyone looking into your services, you solved a problem that caused us years of misery.    
Gabe M. of Philadelphia, MS
Tuesday, November 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Andy A.
  Last summer I notice the wood floors in our 116 year old home were cupping. Not just in one room but all over the house. I consulted with our local handyman about cause and a solution. I was not satisfied with the YouTube answers I received. I went in search for people who solved this specific problem for a business. An internet search came up with Midsouth Crawlspace solutions. I called to get the free inspection. In a few days I had under my house inspected with pictures and video to back up the story of mold and mildew. After an informative presentation I realize these folks knew what they were doing. I decided this was the direction I should follow. When they told me the cost I was it what I considered HIGH. I was flabbergasted but my love for our home overrode the sticker shock. As promised a crew was there within a week. Their work was quick and thorough and I was kept up to date with photos of the work. Now six months later my floors have flattened out and my house has never been as warm. I have already seen a cost reduction in heating and cooling my house. Thanks midsouth for a job well done. You were a pleasure to deal with.    
Andy A. of Newton, MS
Friday, February 11th
Testimonial Photo by Brad C.
I want to brag on a local company, MidSouth CrawlSpace Solutions!! We have a conventional foundation and I've always hated the way it looks. I wanted to be able to crawl under the house to fix a pipe and not get nasty. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They did what they said they were going to do, when they were going to do it it, and how. This is a 20 mil double layered fabric enforced plastic with a 20 or 25 year warranty. It comes with a sump pump, dehumidifier and a wireless monitor. Keeps the crawlspace completely dry with no humidity. Perfect investment. Very reasonable too. If you have a crawlspace you need to call these guys! You can't tell much from the pics but it is awesome. I can crawl from one side to the next in my church clothes! My wife even crawled underneath! I'm a happy man!
Brad C. of Pelahatchie, MS
Monday, October 25th
We had some serious crawlspace issues that every person we called had a different opinion and solution for. We got hooked up with Josh Quick and his crew came out and solved every bit of it. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with our OCD. If you have know anybody that has ANY crawlspace needs, he is THE GUY. After 5 years it's STILL the fanciest crawlspace around! One time a plumber was so impressed, he said he could wear his white pants under the house and they would come out clean. Ya'll did a fantastic job and the quality of the work is standing the test of time. 
Rachel E. of Flowood, MS
Monday, May 22nd
My crawl space is doing well.. There are several areas where the floor boards flattened out nicely after the crawl space was encapsulated. The air seems cleaner somehow. During the ice storm the crawl space temperature dropped very little when the outside temp stayed below freezing 3 days straight. I had no worries of frozen pipes there.
Crawley S. of Jackson, MS
Thursday, July 1st
Josh was a lifesaver. He couldn't have been more helpful. My only regret is that I didn't call your company sooner. From the installation to the follow through, you guys were awesome every step of the way. I had such peace of mind knowing it was taken care of. Your company led me in a good direction with good advice. I have referred MidSouth CrawlSpace Solutions to several people, one of which I know had their crawlspace done with you. Adam was our point person on the job. He was always nice and answered our questions. He was instrumental throughout the process. 
Bo B. of Jackson, MS
Thursday, July 15th
I wanted to use a Mississippi company and I was so impressed with the young lady who came to do the estimate and the office staff was great. I really don't know any suggestions for improvement. The experience was excellent from start to finish. Your crew took pride in their work & it showed. Overall, very, very satisfied with your company.
Johnny D. of Hattiesburg, MS
Monday, June 7th
Testimonial Photo by Beti S.
I just want to say what a great experience the whole thing was, from meeting with you to updates with Chris and especially the three days that your crew was here at the house.  I can't say enough positive things about them. They took the time to take my husband under the house and explain things, and then especially everyone's working with us when WE screwed up the electrical service for the dehumidifier. I also can't say enough about Chris, who worked with us on the dehumidifier situation, which absolutely could have and should have been put squarely on our shoulders, but he found a way to make it work, and for that we are unbelievably grateful.   I have passed on your information packet to my former boss, who expressed an interest in having his house done, and needless to say I will recommend you folks to the moon and back.
Beti S. of Poplarville, MS
Thursday, December 16th
I contacted MidSouth Crawl Space Solutions because I needed to stop my floors from sagging.  They did the impossible!  Hardworking crew and outstanding communication ... I would hire them again!
Mike P. of Sulphur, LA
Tuesday, July 28th
Your team was very professional, thorough, and paid close attention to detail. I was very pleased with your company and the service I received. I would recommend you to everyone. 
Richard G. of Columbus, MS
Friday, June 18th
Brett evaluated the foundation and indicated a different option would be necessary due to the low height of the crawlspace. This review is for a foundation evaluation performed in April 2022. The contractor was honest and pointed out the correct approach needed instead of charging me for unnecessary work. He referred me to another contractor that specialized in those repairs. This type of genuine concern for the customer is rare and especially hard to find in our area.
Jeff H. of Columbus, MS
Thursday, May 19th
Testimonial Photo by Mitch W.
I was very pleased with the men's work. I hope this fixes our problem. We had 4.5 inches of rain and my partner said none came (inside).
Mitch W. of Ackerman, MS
Friday, December 16th
Works good.
Calvin B. of Toomsuba, MS
Tuesday, March 1st
I am very pleased with the installation and it is amazing how much dryer the air in the house is.
Jim S. of Daleville, MS
Friday, October 22nd
The system has worked well, removing the moisture from under the house. I have recommended your company to several people in our area. 
Pamela L. of Carrolton, MS
Tuesday, July 6th
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