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Crawl space jack posts

The SmartJack® system addresses crawl space problems based on proven techniques for foundation repair.

The SmartJack® Crawl Space Support System

Uneven crawl space floors are a sign that you have sagging floor joists. The experts at MidSouth Crawl Space Solutions have the perfect structural solution, crawl space support jacks. Our SmartJack® crawl space support system will provide durable support for failing and undersized crawl space joists. Restore security, stability, and straightness to your below-grade space with the crawl space experts.

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Advantages of the crawl space support system

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Product Features

  • Holds loads heavier than 60,000lbs
  • Galvanized steel makes them corrosion resistant
  • Installs in limited-access areas
  • The ONLY crawl space support jack that addresses problem soils

If you want to achieve a durable, level, and secure floor above your crawl space, then you will need a solid mid-span support that is commonly provided by a post-and-beam assembly. Beams often fail, as they are undersized and comprised of wood that is subject to rotting, shifting and settling. Once your support posts sag, structural issues will occur.

The SmartJack® system provides a permanent solution to sagging crawl space joists, as they can be continuously adjusted to raise your floors back to a level position. During our crawl space repair system, we assure your below-grade space is dry and structurally sound, minimizing home damage overall and saving you money on costly future repairs.

The SmartJack® is also compatible with crawl space encapsulation systems, making it a good choice for homeowners wishing to eliminate moisture problems and improve home energy efficiency, while also solving structural problems.

The 'Bulb of Influence'

Were you promised durable crawl space support posts, but found that they are starting to sag and settle? Load-bearing soils are crucial in assuring a sound crawl space structural repair and that is exactly why the SmartJack® system can't be beaten.

While many contractors argue for digging deeper during a support post installation, we excavate a 2' by 2' hole that is then filled with mechanically compressed, crushed stone. The cube of compressed, crushed stone disperses the weight and presses down into the soil outwards, applying an engineering principle known as the "bulb of influence."

When the transferred weight reaches the soil, 90% of the weight has been reduced, meaning that even if your soils are not strong, they will be able to support SmartJack®'s bearing load.

The SmartJack® system can't be beat

Wondering how the SmartJack® stacks up against other crawl space structural repair options? The table below highlights the reasons the SmartJack® is the best choice for your home.

Crawl Space Joist Support Solutions


Additional Shimming

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Columns

Light-Duty Jack Posts

The SmartJack® Crawl Space Jack System

Provides a solution for floor joist bracing that is spaced too far apart to provide proper support

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Can be combined with a moisture barrier system to repair sagging floor joists and girders that are damaged by rot and mold

black X green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark

Are appropriate for installation in areas where the soils cannot support heavy loads, and would normally cause joist supports to sink

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Can be installed without "overlifting" the foundation, which is known to cause additional structural damage

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Adjustments can be easily and reliably made, should the joist brace settle into the soil

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Installs in the home within a day

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The girder jacks and joist jacks provide a high load-bearing capacity for structural support

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Before & After
  • Wet, Sagging Crawlspace gets Stabilized and Encapsulated in Columbus, MS
    Wet, Sagging Crawlspace gets Stabilized and Encapsulated in Columbus, MS
    This Columbus Mississippi crawlspace had sagging joists that were starting...

    Wet, Sagging Crawlspace gets Stabilized and Encapsulated in Columbus, MS


    This Columbus Mississippi crawlspace had sagging joists that were starting to cause issues inside the home. It also was holding water. As we know, crawlspaces and moisture go together like Mexican food and tight jeans and NO ONE wants that. 

    Our production crew was able to come in and stabilize the joists with our SmartJack support posts. These steel posts are adjustable and can be adjusted over time as needed. This makes them an ideal choice as houses are constantly shifting through the years. This is a quick install and in many cases, homes can be restored to their original positions. 

    We also encapsulated the crawlspace because so much moisture was being brought in and staying. Our team sealed off the vents, installed our CleanSpace Liner and encapsulation system. 

  • Falling, Wet Insulation in Clinton, Mississippi
    Falling, Wet Insulation in Clinton, Mississippi
    With the subfloor reading at a moisture level of 44.7%,...

    Falling, Wet Insulation in Clinton, Mississippi


    With the subfloor reading at a moisture level of 44.7%, this home was in desperate need of some moisture control and waterproofing. The subfloor and joists were literally wet to the touch due to the crawlspace being open to the outside elements. Another contributing factor to this moisture problem was the fiberglass insulation that was originally installed. Sadly, this product does more harm than good under the house by absorbing water like a sponge and keeping it nestled close to the wooden parts of the foundation. This always leads to mold and rot, creating problems down the road. 

    Our team was able to clean out the falling insulation and debris, install a sump pump in the ground, and encapsulate and seal off the crawlspace. We also include a dehumidifier that will help maintain the dry atmosphere under the home. We left with a happy homeowner!

  • Crawl Space Repair in Crystal Springs, MS
    Crawl Space Repair in Crystal Springs, MS
    This concerned homeowner called because her floors were soft and...

    Crawl Space Repair in Crystal Springs, MS


    This concerned homeowner called because her floors were soft and sagging in places. She was also noticing some cracks in the walls of her dining room. They had tried patching them up, but it was obvious they were getting worse. The home was settling and needed to be stabilized. 

    Ransom Ford performed the inspection and found our solutions would work well with her current issues. We were able to seal off the crawlspace with our encapsulation system, permanently keeping moisture and mold from coming in and making the wood soft. Then we installed smart jacks on the beams that needed the extra lift and support. We were able to raise her floors where they were sagging and permanently secure her foundation.

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