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Repaired Concrete in Brandon, MS

In these images you can see the brilliant work of our Poly Crew. This patio was in pretty rough shape, but after the installation of our products, PolyFoam and NexusPro, this customer was left with a gap-free and level concrete surface. Safe and a lot prettier to look at!

Broken Concrete Repair in Richland MS

This homeowner wanted the cracks and broken concrete in her driveway repaired. They were becoming an eyesore and a bit of a tripping hazard. One of our Design Specialists was able to get out to her house the next day and give her our free estimate. We were able to get some fantastic results repairing her concrete and left with a very pleased customer! She was convinced she would have to repour her entire driveway and we were able to save the existing concrete and repair it, saving her thousands of dollars!

Sagging Floors in Jackson, Mississippi

This home in Jackson was experiencing severe foundation problems. The floors were falling from lack of support in the crawlspace. You can see in the photos how far it was sagging and pulling away from the walls. We were able to remedy the issues with our Smart Jacks and Supplemental Beams in the areas that were falling. The lift we got from this procedure was incredible and stabilized the floors permanently. Now the home is safe and secure and we left with a happy customer!

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Columbus, Mississippi

This is the crawlspace of a beautiful home located in Columbus, MS. This customer was dealing with water damage from a busted pipe. We came in and installed a full encapsulation system to prevent any further water damage. To help with the pre-existing water damage we installed a dehumidifier to dry out moisture and keep from future wood rot. 

Wet, Sagging Crawlspace gets Stabilized and Encapsulated in Columbus, MS

This Columbus Mississippi crawlspace had sagging joists that were starting to cause issues inside the home. It also was holding water. As we know, crawlspaces and moisture go together like Mexican food and tight jeans and NO ONE wants that. 

Our production crew was able to come in and stabilize the joists with our SmartJack support posts. These steel posts are adjustable and can be adjusted over time as needed. This makes them an ideal choice as houses are constantly shifting through the years. This is a quick install and in many cases, homes can be restored to their original positions. 

We also encapsulated the crawlspace because so much moisture was being brought in and staying. Our team sealed off the vents, installed our CleanSpace Liner and encapsulation system. 

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