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Basement Waterproofing in Philadelphia, MS

Large home in Philadelphia, MS with water seeping through the concrete block walls of the basement. This entire basement is living space. We installed our Waterguard system in the floor and adhered our BrightWall system to the walls to direct any water that comes into the basement to the sump pump, that would then discharge it outside. 

Damp Floors in Brandon, MS Due to Wet Ductwork in Crawlspace

This homeowner's floor was damp and rolling because of moisture in the crawlspace. Our team was able to remove the wet insulation and encapsulate the crawlspace preventing further issues down the line. They had seven vents in the crawlspace that we closed off to keep the outside air from bringing moisture in. We also installed a SmartSump to keep the ground water from settling under the home. 

Mold and Moisture in Petal, MS Crawlspace

This Petal homeowner called for an inspection because they were having some moisture and mold issues under their house. This was due to having a dirt crawlspace and open venting. Originally, it was thought that vents would circulate dry air throughout the crawlspace, thus keeping it dry. That is false. Once air enters the crawlspace, it is trapped, making the humidity levels rise. All this humid air will travel up into your home making the AC units work harder to keep up with the draft. 


Our encapsulation system totally seals off the crawlspace so humid air stays where it belongs; outside. We install a sump pump in the ground to rid the crawlspace of ground water seepage. Then, we install our 20 mil liner and waterproof the ground and walls. Topping it off, we put a dehumidifier in to keep the air dry and healthy. This system together is proven to regulate the crawlspace atmosphere and prevent moisture from building up and creating issues. 

Crawlspace Holding Water in Hattiesburg, MS

This Forrest County home had a serious problem with standing water staying underneath their home. It was causing severe moisture issues in the wood, leading to mold and potentially rot. Our Design Specialist, Melissa Johnson, was able to curate a custom plan to get this home encapsulated, dry, and healthy. Adam's crew installed our proven system to complete this project. The homeowner was extremely pleased with our work and had this to say about our company, "Great work. Quick and painless. Friendly folks. Overall excellent experience!"

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