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Damp Crawlspace/Basement in Meridian, MS

This was a unique project. This is the crawlspace of a home in Meridian, MS. Half of the crawlspace was formed into a basement for storage. The basement in this home use to have vents. A few years back an addition was added on to her porch and the conceret covered the vent. This was causing the basement to stay damp, and over time mold began to grow. The home owners daughter reached out to us, concerned with this affecting her mothers health. 

Crawl Space Mold Treatment in Lake, MS

Mold and moisture plaguing the crawlspace prompted this homeowner to give us a call. The home is 1900 square feet of crawlspace. He knew his problem would only get worse if he didn't address it immediately. With previous knowledge of our encapsulation system, he knew he was calling the right people. Ransom Ford inspected the crawlspace and found it was something we could easily rectify. 

We sealed off the vents and openings, installed a sump pump in the lowest spot, lined it with our 20 mil liner, and finally placed a dehumidifier inside the crawlspace to regulate the humidity. Now his home is moisture free and it would be impossible for mold to grow on his joists with our system. 

Extreme Mold Removal in Bay Springs, MS

Years of moisture issues built up until this homeowner knew he needed to do something about it. He gave us a call looking for a permanent solution. His crawlspace was around 3ft high and had severe mold forming on the wooden joists. Henry Bennett performed the inspection and proposed a permanent solution that would last for the life of the home. Because he decided to go with us while Henry was at his home, the homeowner was able to take advantage of our Same Day Savings discount and saved 5% off his job! 

Mike and his crew performed the work and received these photos from the customer to show how much our product was working. We love what we do and stand behind our awesome products!

Mold Treatment in Laurel, Mississippi

Our MOLD-X2 treatment is a powerful spray we use to help the crawlspace get rid of mold. It works in seconds, safely eliminating mold spores and stains. 


We always recommend encapsulation when mold is present so we can treat the underlying issues. Otherwise, mold treatment is just a bandaid that will eventually have to be redone. 

Moldy Crawlspace Transformed in Brandon, MS

This customer was referred to us by a friend. We were able to provide them with a free estimate, and completed their job shortly after. They were experiencing heavy mold and moisture problems. We cleaned out the crawlspace, installed a sump pump, waterproofing system, and dehumidifier.

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