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Mold and Moisture in Petal, MS Crawlspace

This Petal homeowner called for an inspection because they were having some moisture and mold issues under their house. This was due to having a dirt crawlspace and open venting. Originally, it was thought that vents would circulate dry air throughout the crawlspace, thus keeping it dry. That is false. Once air enters the crawlspace, it is trapped, making the humidity levels rise. All this humid air will travel up into your home making the AC units work harder to keep up with the draft. 


Our encapsulation system totally seals off the crawlspace so humid air stays where it belongs; outside. We install a sump pump in the ground to rid the crawlspace of ground water seepage. Then, we install our 20 mil liner and waterproof the ground and walls. Topping it off, we put a dehumidifier in to keep the air dry and healthy. This system together is proven to regulate the crawlspace atmosphere and prevent moisture from building up and creating issues. 

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