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Basement Waterproofing Durant, MS

This basement was struggling with water intrusion, as most basements do. The homeowner gave us a call to see what we could do to rectify the situation. Our waterproofing system is installed under the concrete, on top of the footer. This way, it will catch all the water coming up from the ground before it breaks the surface, and will direct it into the Sump Pump we install in the lowest spot. We also covered the walls with our BrightWall plastic sheeting. Not only is it also waterproof and drains excess water right into our WaterGuard system, it brightens the dark basement and makes it a cleaner, happier looking space!

Basement Waterproofing in New Augusta, Mississippi

This home in New Augusta called us about their leaky basement. We installed our Basement Systems' WaterGuard® system where we install a perimeter drain around the basement that drains into the sump pump. Complete with a dehumidifier and our BrightWall® waterproofing wall liner that leads the moisture into the WaterGuard system. Then, our pump automatically removes the water from the basement and transfers it away from the house.

Wet Basement Solutions in Natchez, MS

This basement was leaking in water from an unknown source. They called our company to come check the foundation and basement and see what could be done to stop the water intrusion. Having space in the home that isn't usable because of flooding and leaks is very frustrating and can pull the resale value of your home down significantly. 

We have fantastic solutions for basement waterproofing that are tested and proven worldwide. We installed our DryTrak baseboard drain pipe in this basement because of it's monolithic foundation (which means the footer and slab were poured together in a single layer) and our BrightWall wall product. Water typically seeps through on top of the floor, in between the slab and concrete walls. It can also leak in through the concrete walls if they are below grade. The baseboard system will catch and redirect water seepage to a sump pump installed inside the basement. The BrightWall allows water to drain underneath the wall covering to the baseboard drainage system and brightens up the room in the process. When the pump fills to a certain level, it will push the water out of the pump, through the drainage system, and deposit it outside and away from the house. This keeps the basement dry. We also install a powerful dehumidifier to keep the room from feeling and smelling musty. 

Leaky Louisiana Basement Gets Fixed!

This home in New Iberia had a crawlspace and a basement. They were having leaks in the basement and moisture and mold in the crawlspace. Henry Bennett performed the inspection and presented our solution. We were able to fix both! Our basement waterproofing system is an inside, in-ground solution. We place a drainage pipe around the perimeter of the room to catch the leaks that come in from the walls and up from the footing. We also install wall products to not only direct the moisture to the drain, but they brighten up the whole room! The perimeter drainage line drains to the sump pump thats also installed in the ground. When the water reaches a certain level in the pump, it automatically sends it out and away from the home.  This permanently protects the home from water intrusion and provides peace of mind to the homeowners!

Wet Basement Repair in Lake Charles, LA

Sweaty concrete walls and leaky window vents led to constant water seepage in this Louisiana basement. The homeowners were looking for a permanent solution to this problem. Constant water intrusion not only made the basement unusable space, but the stagnant water created an unhealthy atmosphere to breathe in. Our team was able to get out there and propose our basement waterproofing solutions. We repair basement leaks from the inside, rather than the outside. First, we install our WaterGuard product underneath the concrete to catch and direct water directly to the sump pump. This will keep it from gathering on top of the concrete and staying in the room. Then we install our BrightWall wall coverings to not only brighten up the space, but create a system for the wall leakage to follow, directing it into the FlowGuard and eventually into the sump pump. This is the most effective system to alleviate the basement of water leakage and buildup.

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