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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Waterproofing in Columbus, Mississippi

This is the crawlspace of a beautiful home located in Columbus, MS. This customer was dealing with water damage from a busted pipe. We came in and installed a full encapsulation system to prevent any further water damage. To help with the pre-existing water damage we installed a dehumidifier to dry out moisture and keep from future wood rot. 

Cleaner Crawlspace in Maben, MS

Our main goal when encapsulating a crawlspace is handling moisture problems and preventing future damage, but a fantastic side effect of this is a much cleaner looking crawlspace! Look at the difference our CleanSpace Liner makes.

Moisture Problems in Brookhaven, MS Crawlspace

This crawlspace was holding moisture, causing a mildew smell inside the home. Our crew cleaned out the debris and installed our full encapsulation system. We also sealed off all the vents to keep the outside air, outside. Our sump pump and dehumidifier will keep it dry, clearing out the musty smell. This is the only way to truly rid your crawlspace of smells and moisture. 

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Meridian, MS

You don't have to settle for a wet, damp crawlspace that smells bad. Call our office today to for a free estimate. We can restore your home so that moisture stays OUT of your crawlspace. 

Vapor Barrier in Collinsville, MS

Both these images were taken inside the same crawlspace in Collinsville, MS, and clearly show the drastic difference between a standard vapor barrier and our Cleanspace Liner. The original vapor barrier wasn't able to do its job of acting as a barrier between the moist dirt and crawlspace itself. You can see where it has pulled away from the edges and begun deteriorating. Our Cleanspace Liner on the otherhand, is fastened securely to both the walls and floor of the crawlspace, making ground water seepage impossible.

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